Founding Statement of the Company

Cumhur İnan Bilen Yeminli Mali Müşavirlik A.Ş

Founding Statement of the Company

It matters a lot in democratic societies to provide timely and appropriate services to people who are requesting them. It becomes very important to make all legislative and administrative regulations understandable for all related parties. In this context, it comes without saying that Sworn-in CPA’s take on very essential tasks which are given by different public authorities. Moreover, it is necessary to cooperate and engage with different establishments in globalising world.

Cumhur İnan Bilen Sworn-in CPA Inc. Co. targets to provide high quality services with the awareness that it is a kind-of civil-service employment

  • by committing professional ethics rules,
  • by applying current legislation appropriately with objective methodology and with realistic risk evaluations,
  • by leading its customers to right and timely decisions,
  • by closely tracking current administrative practices and case law,
  • by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach (tax, accounting, law, economics, finance).

Within this framework, our Company would provide service in fiscal law and financial matters by the international taxation experience gained in OECD Center for Tax Policy and Administration and by the management and finance experience gained in one of the biggest conglomerates of Turkey. We sincerely hope that our company would add value to the Sworn-in CPA practice by this unique methodology and approach and its vast experience.

Kind Regards

Cumhur İnan Bilen

Sworn-in CPA